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Lisa Gerin, an elementary school librarian and high school teacher with over 30 years experience as an educator, has been writing children's picture books for the last decade.

Teaching reading and writing to children from pre-K to 12th grade, Lisa's main focus was reaching reluctant learners and helping them to enjoy books.  Lisa holds a Masters' degree in Education and a certification in Library Media.


Lisa's library background exposed a need for more readable children's books in science and history. She creatively tells stories of exceptional people and events and their impact on our lives' today. Children gravitate to Lisa's books because she weaves tales that are relatable and enjoyable to read.


Born and raised in New York, Lisa is a product of the New York City public schools.  Her love of nature ultimately drew her to Tucson, Arizona.  Living close to Saguaro National Park, Lisa enjoys hiking, gardening, and caring for her 2 adorable rescue cats, Thor and Cleo. 

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